Seigen Main Store | Seigen Main Store Festival was held


The Seigen Main Store in Asahi 1-chome, Utsunomiya City, celebrated its first anniversary on May 15th this year, and held the Seigen Main Store Festival on May 14th.

We sold meals and sweets using fermented foods from the Seigen head office takeout brand "E's kitchen", as well as Seigen dumplings and side dish miso rice balls.

Among them, the most popular item that has a long line of customers is “Namamiso Sukuidori”! This is a great value booth where you can take home as much of the alcohol-free raw miso "Special Koji Miso" as you scoop it up with a large spatula at one time.The highest record this time was 1.4 kg!

Over 500 customers came to the store, and the occasional cheers erupted, making for an endlessly bustling day.

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