Comments on pedio


Since its release on May 15, 2021, Pedio has been enjoyed by many customers.

We often receive happy feedback, and we are grateful to our customers who take the trouble to contact us. We are here.

This time, we will introduce some of the many voices.


・I started drinking because I was attracted to the plant-derived lactic acid bacteria.Anyway, my intestines are getting better and better.Thanks to you, I feel better and I can work again! I can now have a positive feeling.No more pedio! (70 generation women)

・Anyway, it's delicious!It's like amazake, but it doesn't leave a rough feeling on the tongue like amazake,Very easy to drink.It's been about two weeks since I started drinking, but in the evening before,I was tired and wanted to sit down, but I started to forget to sit down.It seems to suit me, so I want to continue! (Female in her 40s)

・When I was active, I immediately went to the toilet after eating.It felt likeover 40Did your bowel movements get worse?Feeling constipated.I started drinking to keep my intestines active.Every day I can feel the rhythm in a good wayNo more bloating,My body feels lighter.There is no reason to stop this.(40th generation male)

・I've been drinking it since I bought it through crowdfunding.At first, I was worried about the sweetness, but after learning that it was sugar-free, I continued to drink it.Recommended for those who want a fast flight! ! !(40's male)


Seigen has a directly managed store called “Seigen Main Store” in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture.

There are many customers who come to purchase every month, and I am very grateful to be able to hear their voices directly, and I will prepare a pedio today as well.


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